Monday, December 1, 2014

Ocelote Project

The Ocelote Project
With the purchase of a jungle terrain 6 kilometers inland from the Ecuadorian Pacific coast we started a project for recovery, preservation and healing.

We divided the land and the project into 2 parts.

The first part will be dedicated to the protection of 30 hectares of jungle and of the Camarones-river that runs through. 

In this part of the land we will develop an area for healing-work with plants and shamanism based on native American traditions and cultures.
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The second part of the project will be developed in the remaining 30 hectares of the land. It consists of creating an ecological community that develops environmentally sustainable and productive agroforestry systems and practices, based on permaculture and bio construction.

At the moment it is still possible to join this project not only as a volunteer, but as a community member. This would require an integration process and an economic investment in cash or with work.

-At present (November 2014) we have advanced in the construction of the main house, which is the seat of agroforestry project. The house is already in use with running water and an electricity generator. Still, it could use some work on the finishing and details (photo). 
Volunteers will be accommodated here.

-The construction of our tree nursery began in September guided by one of the community elder, Don Colon Vaca, with the help of his children and some volunteers who have been already here. 

-We're expecting to receive a few thousand seedlings of fruit, coffee and cacao ready for a Planting Campaign in January ...

-A system of drip watering needs to be built for the next dry season



Volunteering in the agroforestry project:
We expect volunteers to work 4 hours a day by:
-helping at the tree nursery

-planting trees and plants

-helping at the construction sites (building with bamboo…)

-and by doing some social work at the community where the project is been developed. This social work at the local community will be handled by the volunteer directly with the community leaders.

The Volunteering has no cost but each participant should bring their own food that can be prepared at the kitchen of the house or to join the communal meals, sharing the costs. 

For the rest of the time, volunteers are totally free. There are hiking trails in the mountains, the river has wonderful places to swim, and the beach is 15 minutes by car...
For information about volunteering in this part of the project, please write to:

More about the Medicine area of the project

After more than 20 years of working in many places with local traditional Medicines (Ayahuasca, Tabaco, Awakolla -also known as San Pedro), we're creating this center as a space to continue working, learnig, developing proposals and investigating.
For the people who are starting with this kind of work, we're developing a program which includes 

-working with these Medicines in a ceremonial context


-body techniques as breathing and others

-Sweat lodges (temazcal)

For people who are familiar with this work and have more experience, there is a program running every summer and winter for 25 days of intensive work.

It is possible to combine your participation in both areas. If you are specially interestead in this one, please write to:

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Learning to breathe to heal
Awakening consciuosness
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